Website Development

Websites in the competitive global market today are much more than an online brochure.

At DTX, with our experience in web application development and software application development, we design sites linked to dynamic content that can be self-administered and managed. Frequent updates in the areas of News, Special Offers, Discounts, New Images, Contact Databases, and Search Facilities can be done through the Admin Module we will create individually for your site.

We are fully equipped to provide you content maintenance and support that will address your concerns about the need for a website to reflect the changes in your business and strategy. Content can be refreshed and rewritten from time to time to provide the most accurate description and analysis of your business to clients, customers and end-users.Technologies that we offer

  • Custom CMS (PHP & MYSQL)
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Wordpress
  • .NET
  • JSP Technology

PSD Conversion

DTX Studios offers a highly responsive adaptive conversion from PSD to HTML. Slicing and html conversion is the basic step in any web development process of any website.

DTX STUDIOS convert your designs to high quality, cross-browser compatible, valid XHTML / CSS markup. We can also integrate the converted designs to any content management technology like JOOMLA, WORDPRESS and MAGENTO.

We assure you 100% browser compatibility for all browsers and also upload the template in the server as a value added service.

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